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Car Accidents

Drowsy Driving vs Drunk Driving: What Causes More Accidents?

08.04.2024 in Car Accidents

All drivers owe everyone else on the road a legal obligation to follow traffic laws and refrain from unsafe driving behavior. Drowsy and drunk drivers neglect this obligation. When that negligence causes others harm, the resulting injured parties have the right to hold those irresponsible…

Female Motorist With Head Injury Getting Out Of Car After Crash

What to Know About a Head Injury in a Car Accident

24.10.2023 in Car Accidents

Car accidents can lead to all kinds of damage to your body, but one of the worst traumas is a car accident head injury. Hitting the steering wheel, windshield, or side windows of your vehicle during a crash can result in Traumatic Brain Injuries or…

Drunk Driving Lawsuits & Collecting Punitive Damages

07.09.2023 in Car Accidents

Car accidents are overwhelming enough, but when the person who hurt you was drinking and driving, you struggle to make sense of who would choose to do this. The dangers of DUI have been recognized and advertised for decades, so understanding why a drunk driver…

Who’s At Fault in a T-Bone Accident?

01.08.2023 in Car Accidents

Any car accident can cause severe injuries, but a T-bone crash is especially dangerous. Usually occurring at intersections, a T-bone car accident happens when the front of one vehicle slams into the side of another. Anyone sitting inside either vehicle can be seriously hurt and…

Highway Construction Accidents

08.03.2023 in Car Accidents

Highway construction sites are some of Houston, Texas’s most dangerous work environments. The combination of heavy equipment, large vehicles, and high speeds can lead to serious accidents and injuries for workers and bystanders. If you or a loved one has been injured in a highway…

Hot Weather Related Car Accidents

12.09.2022 in Car Accidents

Texans know heat. Summer heat in the Lone Star State is different from other places, sometimes getting hot enough to melt the roadway. Recently, near Crockett, Texas, temperatures soared to over 100 degrees, causing the asphalt to leach an oily liquid onto the highway. This…

Houston’s Most Dangerous Intersections

22.06.2022 in Car Accidents

Houston has long faced issues with dangerous drivers. There is a documented lack of law enforcement in the city, as well as a well-known problem concerning intoxicated drivers. Heavily trafficked highways and beltways tend to have some of the most dangerous intersections in Houston. From…

Highway Construction Zone Accidents

18.04.2022 in Car Accidents

Sadly, hundreds of workers, drivers, and bystanders are critically injured and killed in Texas highway construction zone accidents every year. In 2020, construction zone crashes and fatalities climbed during the pandemic. Texas has been ranked as the state with the highest number of construction zone…

Texas Car Accident Fatalities

22.03.2022 in Car Accidents

Texas has the highest number of car accident fatalities of any state in the country. According to state officials, on average, more than 11 people died each day in traffic-related accidents on Texas roadways in 2021. With Houston being the most populous city in the…

Who is Responsible for an Uber Car Accident?

08.11.2021 in Car Accidents

Ridesharing applications like Uber and Lyft have surged in popularity in recent years for a variety of reasons. Some people use ridesharing as a way to have a fun night out with friends while not having to worry about drinking and driving, while others use…

Houston Highway Pile-up

Who’s at Fault for a Houston Highway Pile-Up?

15.06.2021 in Car Accidents

If you’re injured in an accident with several vehicles, you’ll want to know who’s to blame. Driver error causes most accidents, and more than one driver may be at fault. If you’ve been in a highway pile-up, get the legal help you need because these…

Photos to take at accident scene

7 Tips for Taking Photos After a Car Wreck

30.05.2021 in Car Accidents

Without evidence, you can’t prove negligence and won’t be compensated for your injuries. Photos can be critical in determining who’s at fault for the accident and how you’ve suffered from it. A picture is worth a thousand words, and the right image might be worth…