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7 Tips for Taking Photos After a Car Wreck

Photos to take at accident scene

Without evidence, you can’t prove negligence and won’t be compensated for your injuries. Photos can be critical in determining who’s at fault for the accident and how you’ve suffered from it. A picture is worth a thousand words, and the right image might be worth a fair car accident settlement.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a Houston-area crash, you deserve the best lawyer possible to handle your claim. The Houston car accident lawyers at Krist Law Firm, P.C. can make your situation easier, clearly argue for everything you are entitled to and fight to get it.

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Photos are Evidence To Support Your Case

Negligence is the legal theory behind car accident injury claims and lawsuits. You must prove the other party made a reckless mistake. And that mistake caused your car accident and injuries. Once that’s established, Texas law says that the party must compensate you for the harm you suffered.

Photos can be part of the evidence that backs up your claim. They can establish what happened, how, and why. Along with other evidence, photos of a car accident may show how another driver was negligent and should be held liable.

Photos To Take After an Accident

Here are a few tips to help document your accident and injuries with photos:

1. Stay Safe

Your safety and health are top priorities.

  • If you’re injured and can’t take pictures, stay put. Getting up and walking around could make your injuries worse. The investigating police officer will probably take photos of the scene. If there’s an uninjured passenger in your car, ask them to take photos
  • Don’t go where it’s dangerous. Don’t enter a travel lane to take photos unless it’s safe. If you’re not careful, you may be struck by another vehicle, or it may swerve to avoid you and cause another accident

2. The Road & Location of the Accident

If road conditions, like rain or hail, were factors in the accident, take photos of the wet road. If the accident was caused by someone avoiding an obstacle, like cargo that fell off a truck, that’s important. Many accidents happen at intersections. Document it if that’s where it happened. If the vehicles left skid marks, that’s worth a picture too.

3. Vehicle Damage

Take photos of the damage to all the cars involved. They establish how much damage was done and help determine who hit which car and how. This can help us understand which party is at fault.

4. License Plates, Driver’s License, and Insurance Information

If you exchange your driver’s licenses and proof of insurance before a police officer arrives, make clear photos of them. We need to know who’s involved and their insurance information. Take a photo of their license plate. There’s a chance the driver may leave the scene or later claim they weren’t there.

5. Your Injuries

This is often overlooked, but proof of any apparent car accident injuries is crucial. Take photos of any wounds, bruises, or injuries you suffered. They must be documented as part of your case. Once you get medical care, it is also a good idea to take additional photos of your injuries to track your recovery.

6. The Other Vehicle and Driver

Accidents cause a lot of stress and anger, so don’t go out of your way to take photos of the other driver. If you see something that might show the other driver’s at fault, take a photo if you can safely do so. If you see bottles or cans of alcohol in the vehicle or spilling out of it, take a photo. If the other driver is staggering around, slurring his or her speech, take a video if you can.

7. Save Photos and Video

After you’re done, check to make sure the images are saved on your phone. Don’t assume they were because you may later find they were not or of such poor quality that they don’t help much. If the crash was at night, your flash might not be on, and the camera settings may be bad for photos in darkness. Re-take the images if necessary.

The investigating police officer may ask for copies, and your lawyer will need copies as well. To be safe, download them to your computer at home or a cloud storage service as a backup.

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