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Maritime Accidents

If you've been hurt working on a boat like one of these, contact our maritime lawyers today.

Where Does Maritime Law Apply

12.03.2024 in Maritime Accidents

Federal maritime law generally governs legal actions involving injuries at sea, in port, or on an oil rig. Although many maritime injury cases are heard in state courts, these courts must apply the principles of federal maritime law. However, state law may govern some aspects…

Maritime Law vs Law of the Sea

18.01.2024 in Maritime Accidents

If you are a ship worker or dockworker, you are at high risk of injury from making your living in a dangerous industry. Suffering an on-the-job accident can leave you with substantial medical bills and serious injuries requiring a long recovery. Determining which laws apply…

Jones Act Coverage Explained

11.12.2023 in Maritime Accidents

The Jones Act (officially the Merchant Marine Act of 1920) is a federal law giving certain maritime workers the right to recover damages from their employers for injuries sustained while working in the service of a vessel that operates in US navigable waterways. For employees…

Top 5 Causes of Offshore Oil Rig Injuries

27.11.2023 in Maritime Accidents

The offshore oil and gas industry is not only an essential part of the nation’s economy, but it also provides thousands of jobs to workers in Texas. However, offshore oil extraction continues to be a dangerous field because of the combination of heavy machinery, long…

What is a Jones Act Vessel and Why Does it Matter?

06.11.2023 in Maritime Accidents

The Jones Act was passed in 1920 to boost the U.S. economy by restricting port access to American shipyards to only domestically made ships. It also provided financial relief to sailors and crew injured on vessels that operate on navigable waters. The language of the…

Can I Lose My Job For Making a Jones Act Claim?

12.07.2023 in Maritime Accidents

Those working on and with seafaring vessels have special considerations when it comes to filing a claim for compensation after an on-the-job accident. The needs of maritime workers are covered under the Jones Act, which requires companies owning and operating vessels to provide safe working…

Causes of Container Ship Injuries

20.06.2023 in Maritime Accidents

In today’s marketplace, shipping products and equipment over water is a critical industry. These items are normally packed and unloaded at shipyards in massive containers. The workers in these environments must use large, heavy, or awkward equipment, putting them at enormous risk for injury. Maritime…

Top Causes of Maritime Accidents

18.04.2023 in Maritime Accidents

The world has grown increasingly dependent on maritime operations and its ability to transport goods globally around the clock. Making this system work requires long hours by workers in an industry where accidents often go unreported and working conditions do not comply with safety standards….

A Maritime Welder at Work

The Dangers of Maritime Welding

26.09.2022 in Maritime Accidents

Maritime welding, also known as hyperbaric welding, can be one of the most lucrative occupations that do not require a college degree. However, underwater welding accidents are a frequent occurrence on oil platforms, ships, and underwater construction sites due to the dangers of maritime welding….

Offshore Diving Dangers

14.07.2022 in Maritime Accidents

To the outside world, commercial offshore diving might appear to be exciting and filled with opportunities in deep waters; however, there are tremendous on-the-job offshore diving dangers. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that the fatality rate of commercial divers is 40…

Top Causes of Fatal Offshore Drilling Accidents

15.06.2022 in Maritime Accidents

Offshore oil and gas extraction is crucial to the United States economy – and, it creates jobs for tens of thousands of workers. Offshore oil and gas operations include all activities related to the extraction of oil and natural gas from beneath the seafloor. While…

How the Jones Act Affects Oil Rig Workers

14.03.2022 in Maritime Accidents

Oil rig workers have very dangerous jobs, surrounded by flammable and toxic materials as well as heavy machinery that can malfunction or otherwise cause a hazard. Those working on certain types of oil rigs at sea qualify as seamen, which means that – barring any…

Common Causes of Oil Rig Explosions

07.02.2022 in Maritime Accidents

While the jobs are financially beneficial for our nation’s hard workers, working on an offshore oil rig is one of the most dangerous occupations in the United States and beyond. Many dangers lurk while working offshore, but the most dangerous danger is oil rig explosions…