Compensation for Car Accidents

Car accidents blindside you in more ways than one. You never expect to be injured on the way to work in the morning or coming back from the grocery store. You drive every day and it is difficult to imagine such a violent disruption to your routine like a crash.

The out-of-pocket expenses for your vehicle repair or replacement, medical treatments, and continuing care can destabilize your family’s finances. When you have been hurt and are in a difficult position after a collision, you should contact the Houston car accident lawyers of The Krist Law Firm, P.C. to learn about compensation for car accidents.

It is unacceptable to have to shoulder the burden of a collision you did not cause. By working with an experienced attorney, you may be able to recover compensation for your medical costs, lost earning capacity, physical impairments, disfigurement, pain and mental anguish. Call us today at to discuss your case.

Medical Costs

Following a serious car accident, you will have a number of medical bills, including costs for the ambulance ride, emergency room visit, specialist physicians, blood and lab tests, imaging, surgeries, and other treatments. One intense night in the ER can lead to tens of thousands of dollars in medical costs. If you had to be admitted to the hospital for an extended stay, the bills could be astronomical. Your health insurance should cover many of these expenses, however, you will still have to pay your deductible and more depending on the policy. If you do not have health insurance, the expenses can quickly surpass your savings and income.

During a personal injury claim to an insurer or in court, you can ask to be compensated for all of your out-of-pocket medical expenses. In addition to the hospital bills, you can seek reimbursement for medications, medical devices and supplies, treatment-related travel expenses, rehabilitation, in-home care, home renovations, future medical expenses, and more. Speak with a car accident attorney to ensure you calculate all of your medical costs prior to filing a claim.

Loss of Earning Capacity

A crash can affect your wages in two ways. First, you lose out on your income while you receive treatment and recover. You also lose out on benefits you are entitled to from your employer such as sick and vacation days. Second, if you are unable to return to your previous job due to physical or psychological limitations, you may face a reduced earning capacity. For instance, if you previously worked a physically demanding job and now you are unable to lift heavy objects or stay on your feet all day, you will need to find a new career.

At The Krist Law Firm, P.C., we have experience helping individuals recover both their actual lost wages since the accident and their anticipated lower earnings in the future. We can calculate this type of recovery by looking at records of your previous income, working with your employer at the time of the accident, and if necessary, hiring an economic expert to calculate your earning capacities prior to and after the accident.

Physical Limitations

If you are left with physical limitations following a car accident, you have the right to seek compensation for this permanent injury. A physical limitation can be as obvious as an amputation or a hidden injury, such as a permanent back problem.

How much your physical limitation is worth in recovery depends on a number of factors, including how much the injury limits your ability to live independently and work. A more severe or visible physical limitation will often result in a greater amount of compensation compared to a seemingly minor or hidden permanent injury. However, this is not a hard and fast rule. It is up to you and your attorney to demonstrate to an insurer the financial, physical, and emotional cost of a physical limitation to obtain the maximum recovery possible.


If a car crash left you with visible scarring, burns, amputations, or other marks that impair your appearance, beauty, or symmetry, then you have the right to seek recovery for disfigurement and the mental anguish it causes you. This is a separate form of damages from physical limitations, physical pain, and the mental anguish related to the crash as a whole.

There is no predetermined way to calculate the cost of a disfigurement. You and your attorney will argue for what this injury and its emotional toll is worth during your personal injury claim. Severe disfigurements, those that are clearly visible to others, and those that create a deformity are often worth more than disfigurements that appear to be minor or are not readily visible to others. For instance, a disfigurement on your face is likely worth more than a disfigurement on your torso. However, there is no specific rule regarding a disfigurement’s worth. You may also argue for a higher recovery if the disfigurement is likely to affect your career or romantic prospects.

Physical Pain

No doubt the car accident caused you excruciating pain – at the time, during necessary medical treatments, and throughout your recovery period. Your injuries may have also left you in pain permanently, which will require pain management techniques the rest of your life. You have the right to seek a monetary amount for all of this physical pain.

You and your attorney will fight for an amount in relation to your physical pain that you feel is fair. However, an insurance company is likely to rely on a multiplier. Insurers will take the amount of your economic damages, including your medical costs and loss of earning capacity, and multiply it by a specific figure determined by their own formula, depending on the severity of your injuries. Many insurers will stick to a multiplier of 1.5 or 2. However, you and your attorney can argue for an amount based on a higher multiplier.

Mental Anguish

Recovering compensation for mental anguish encompasses myriad psychological elements such as embarrassment, shame, anxiety, stress, depression, grief, loss of enjoyment of life, impairment to close relationships, anger, and more. To recover for mental anguish within a personal injury claim, it usually must be connected to a physical injury and disruptive to your daily life.

Proving mental anguish can be difficult, however, it is not impossible. You, friends, family members, and your mental health provider can testify as to how the accident has affected you. You are more likely to gain compensation if the accident led to a diagnosable condition like depression or your mental health provider testifies as to your mental state.

How a Houston Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

Your recovery following a car accident can encompass a significant range of economic and non-economic damages. You are more likely to gain a greater recovery if you work with an experienced Houston car accident attorney from The Krist Law Firm, P.C. as soon as possible. We know how physically, emotionally, and financially devastating an auto accident can be. That is why our number one priority will be to take the burden of seeking compensation from your shoulders. We can handle the investigation, insurance claim or legal process, and fight for your rights to gain the maximum recovery possible.

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