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What’s the Cost of Living with a Spinal Injury?

Thousands of people suffer from serious back and neck injuries every year in Texas. The harm done can be severe, and spinal damage can leave you permanently disabled. A crushed or severed spinal column can result in limited mobility and organ functionality. An accident victim can be left with paraplegia or quadriplegia, requiring constant professional care going forward. The cost of a spinal injury can be significant for you and your family. In addition to extremely expensive medical attention, you may not be able to work for a long time.

Furthermore, spinal injuries frequently prevent victims from activities that they once took for granted. Your spinal injury will impact every part of your life. It’s important to have an accident lawyer who is experienced in such complex cases, and who understands how important recovering damages for your losses is for you and your loved ones.

Do not hesitate to contact The Krist Law Firm, P.C. if you have suffered from a serious spinal injury. Our Houston spinal injury lawyers have years of experience working with medical experts as we seek compensation for our clients. We know that your spinal injury can require financial help for years going forward.

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Spinal Injuries Require Significant Medical Attention

You should immediately seek medical attention if you or a loved one have suffered a neck or back injury. Spinal injuries can happen anywhere, but they are particularly common at work, in a motor vehicle accident, truck accidents, or resulting from sports or recreational activity. Every injury that involves the nervous system or spinal column is unique, and so are the medical challenges faced by the injury victim.

While a spinal injury generally means near-constant medical care at first, they can require different levels of care in the years that follow. According to the Dana And Christopher Reeve Foundation, medical care in the first year after your injury can cost up to $1,000,000 for a quadriplegia injury. Medical care for injuries that affect motor function at any level tends to cost an average of about $350,000 for the victims in the first year.

Medical bills can cause enormous hardship for your family after a spinal injury. Your lawyer must know how to properly illustrate your ongoing medical needs if you are to recover properly from the at-fault party. This includes the medical costs that you will incur for years going forward.

Spinal injury victims often have medical bills for:

  • Surgery to stabilize your condition immediately after the accident
  • Ventilators and other traumatic injury equipment
  • Therapy and rehabilitation needs to improve speech, mobility, and mental health
  • Long-term home professional care
  • Equipment such as wheelchairs and custom personal transportation
  • Medication

Inability To Work And Long-Term Expenses After A Spinal Accident

A spinal injury will greatly disrupt your life. Your first concern should be to get appropriate medical care and to do everything possible to recover physically. However, lost wages due to your inability to work can be a great cause for concern. A skilled lawyer will understand that your financial recovery must consider the fact that your future earning potential has been severely reduced.

In addition to medical bills and lost earnings, there are many other financial costs associated with a catastrophic injury. Every aspect of your life can become much more difficult. This includes getting around and performing tasks and chores that were once routine. Not being able to work consistently can put you in a difficult financial situation if you did not recover adequate damages after your spinal injury.

Depending on your age and earning potential, a spinal injury can cost you hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in lost earnings over the course of your lifetime. The National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center (NSCISC) has spent years studying the economic effects of spinal damage on accident victims. Regarding the ability of the injured to return to work, it has found the following:

  • Within one year of a spinal injury – Only 11.7 percent of victims can return to work during this time. The physical damage and constant medical needs prevent most people from engaging in routine tasks.
  • Within 20 years of a spinal injury – About 35.2 percent of injury victims can return to work. The majority of those with spinal damage never fully recover motor skills needed for most types of work.

The Krist Law Firm Can Help You Recover What You Need

The costs of a spinal injury are extreme. It’s hard to put an exact figure on everything a victim loses. You will likely be unable to do many things you once took for granted. Routine activities will be impossible, and once normal functions can be challenging.

At The Krist Law Firm, P.C., our lawyers have helped many victims of catastrophic accidents throughout Texas, but it is essential to act fast if you or a loved one sustained a spinal injury due to the careless or negligent actions of another. Your case can be complicated, and it’s important for your lawyer to gather all relevant evidence and maybe even consult with expert witnesses. If you are going to recover the financial help you need, it’s critical to have a skilled lawyer who understands how to build a strong case for recovery.

Our Houston accident lawyers know that the impact of a spinal injury can be catastrophic. We seek to secure all necessary compensation for our clients after a terrible accident caused by no fault of your own.

To speak with one of our spinal injury lawyers, call (281) 283-8500 or submit a request online to schedule a free, no-risk consultation.