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Truck Company Negligence

If you have been injured in a collision with a commercial truck in the state of Texas, you might think that your options are limited to suing the driver that hit you.

However, there are often multiple parties who may be liable in the event of a lawsuit including the driver, the trucking company that employed the truck driver, or manufacturers of trucks and trucking equipment.

Oftentimes, a trucking company’s negligence is a contributing factor in an accident involving its truck. Improperly performed truck maintenance, negligent hiring and pushing employees to drive more hours than they’re legally allowed may all be valid reasons for a trucking company to be found responsible for damages in a serious truck accident. In cases like these, a qualified team of Houston truck accident lawyers can be your best advocate.

Improper Maintenance

Commercial trucks have thousands of moving parts that need regular maintenance and repair. To save money, trucking companies may skip scheduled or required maintenance. Unfortunately, this may lead to damaged or unsafe vehicles on the road. When an 18-wheeler hasn’t been properly maintained and it causes an accident because the truck malfunctions or a part breaks, the trucking company may be held responsible for any resulting injuries.

Negligent Hiring

Commercial trucking companies are also responsible for the behavior of their drivers. They are expected to hire and train qualified, responsible drivers. If a company, desperate for more help, hires a driver with a pattern of traffic violations or substance abuse, or a driver without the proper licensing and experience, the company may be held liable for a traffic accident caused by that driver.

Overworked Drivers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, or FMCSRs, set the standard of care for truck drivers. These laws and regulations limit the amount of time that commercial truck drivers can work. They are designed to keep fatigued drivers off the road and discourage the use of stimulants to combat driver fatigue. They also require that truck drivers keep a written record of their hours.

However, some commercial operators will give their truck drivers deadlines that cannot be met without violating these laws, or require drivers to falsify information so the legal requirements appear to be met. When a company’s practices either encourage or require that a driver violate the FMCSRs, the company may be liable if the overworked or fatigued driver causes a serious accident.

How Our Lawyers Can Help with Trucking Company Negligence Accidents

If you’ve been seriously injured in an accident with a commercial truck, the medical and financial issues you’ll face may overwhelm you. Because of the size and weight of a truck compared to a passenger vehicle, accident involving semi trucks often result in very serious injuries, including mild, moderate, or severe traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, burns, and broken, crushed, or severed limbs.

Your physical recovery from this kind of accident is likely to be prolonged, and you may be unable to work in the meantime. That means your income is reduced at the same time you’re receiving bills related to your accident.

In this time of stress, the Houston truck accident lawyers at The Krist Law Firm, P.C. can help. We have more than 27 years of experience representing good people who were seriously injured through no fault of their own. We have handled countless cases involving accidents with commercial trucks and have obtained numerous multi-million dollar recoveries and verdicts on behalf of injured people.

In each case we handle, we fight to hold the responsible parties accountable and to obtain the compensation that will help restore what you’ve lost and move forward after a catastrophic accident. Our work starts with a thorough investigation into your accident that includes medical assessments, a detailed review of the truck driver’s history, scrutiny of the trucking company’s maintenance and repair records and safety and hiring policies, and any other evidence that may indicate the trucking company was negligent in some way that resulted in your injuries.

Throughout your case, from investigation to trial, we will fight to obtain the maximum possible compensation for your injuries. Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to obtain compensation for your past and future medical costs, loss of earning capacity, physical pain, physical limitations, disfigurement, and mental anguish.

Contact The Krist Law Firm, P.C. at 281-283-8500 or by using the contact form below to learn more about what we can do to help you following a catastrophic commercial trucking accident. Our Houston personal injury lawyers offer free initial case evaluations and charge no fees unless we are able to obtain compensation for you.