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Safety Concerns with Tesla’s New Electric Truck

Large trucks have been known to be involved in many devastating accidents on the roads and highways of the United States. These wrecks can result in many people being injured or killed in a single collision. In addition to wanting to build safer vehicles, the trucking industry has always had a great desire to build trucks that are more fuel-efficient and make life easier for long haul drivers. Tesla recently unveiled a new electric truck that is supposed to begin production in 2019, and they claim that this vehicle will revolutionize how cargo is shipped across the country.

In addition to having great fuel economy, the new Tesla truck is meant to be much safer for everyone on the road, but this has yet to be proven. Our Houston truck accident lawyers have helped many people seek compensation after devastating road accidents including those caused by a truck or electric vehicle.

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The Supposed Safety Features on Tesla’s New Truck

Electric vehicle manufacturers must be innovative in order to design and mass produce vehicles that can be refueled without stopping at a gas station like most other vehicles on the road. Tesla claims that its innovations go beyond producing trucks that can run hundreds of miles on one electric charge, and they believe that their new truck will prevent many of the dangers that current diesel trucks deal with every day. Some of the safety claims that Tesla has been making regarding its new electric truck include:

  • Self-diagnostic software will be included with every truck. This technology will allow for the computer system aboard to monitor the vehicle for problems and then notify the driver or operator what type of maintenance is required.
  • Elimination of blind spots. The truck will have its driver seated in the center and flanked by two touch screens which will provide video monitoring of every possible blind spot around the vehicle. It’s uncertain to what extent this feature will distract drivers who are not accustomed to having multiple video screens in their cabin.
  • Electric drivetrain that uses sensors to detect shifts in weight. This technology can help the independent motors for each wheel to make adjustments and prevent the truck from flipping over or jackknifing. Truckers using this vehicle will have to get used to a completely different drivetrain and truck performance in rain, snow, or on gravel roads.
  • Without the use of gear shifts, the truck would be able to accelerate at a constant speed. This can make driving up a steep incline much safer since the vehicle will not be accelerating at different rates during the climb.

Many Safety Concerns of Electric Vehicles Remain on the New Tesla Truck

Electric vehicles aim to be more economic on fuel costs since many of them are charged by electricity from solar, wind, or other renewable sources. However, electric vehicles can host a new set of safety problems due in part to their design, and partially because most people do not know how to properly maintain or use them. Tesla’s new electric truck will supposedly have many new safety features which can reduce the likelihood of devastating accidents, but many of the unique dangers posed by electric vehicles will remain. These include:

  • Vulnerabilities during charging- Charging these vehicles involves the transfer of a lot of electricity, and this can be very dangerous if not done properly. Foreign metals or the presence of water can make the situation deadly, and many times electric cars are charged at private homes or other places where professional assistance is not present.
  • Battery fires- If too hot, defective, or not properly installed, a large car battery can explode. While fire departments have improved their training for such situations, many people do not know how to fight an electric fire.
  • Many vehicle technicians are unfamiliar with electric cars- If you need maintenance done on your electric vehicle, it may be difficult to find someone who knows what they’re doing. Improper maintenance can result in explosions or vehicle failure while driving on a busy road.

The Krist Law Firm, P.C., Can Help You

Our office understands how dangerous accidents can be if an electric car is involved. We have helped many people after they have been seriously injured in an accident with one of electric vehicles or large trucks. Tesla’s new electric truck offers a possible improvement to the trucking industry, but there many uncertainties as to its performance or its ability to keep people safe remain. Do not hesitate to seek out a skilled Houston truck accident lawyer at The Krist Law Firm, P.C. to help you if you have been hurt by an accident with a large truck.

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