Mobile Steel Barge Injuries

From oil derricks dotting the landscape in Central Texas to oil rigs deep in the Gulf of Mexico, the oil industry is a thriving and vital part of the Texas economy.

However, with the industry’s growth and an increase in offshore drilling activity comes added risk to employees engaged in maritime oil exploration. Whether due to sudden mishaps, momentary lapses of judgment, or simple oversight, accidents are far too common aboard mobile steel barges and other oil drilling tools off the shores of Texas on the Gulf Coast.

When accidents happen, the road to recovery is often long, perilous, and expensive. A small accident can even have devastating effects on employees. Common injuries suffered aboard Texas barges include:

  • Head, neck, or spinal injuries after a fall
  • Mild, moderate, or severe traumatic brain injury after a blow to the head
  • Severed or crushed limbs
  • Debilitating respiratory ailments after inhaling chemicals or fumes
  • Chemical or heat-induced burns

Because of the severity and complexity of the types of injuries suffered in mobile steel barge accidents, it’s important to hire the right offshore injury lawyers to help you pursue compensation. The Krist Law Firm, P.C. has a staff of skilled maritime injury attorneys with significant experience in handling maritime accidents and fighting to obtain the maximum available compensation.

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Common Accidents Aboard Texas Barges

Any number of factors may lead to machine malfunctions and other types of accidents on barges. Inclement weather, natural disasters, safety oversights, overworked employees, and other factors may contribute to accidents aboard Texas barges.

Common types of barge accidents can include:

  • Fire or explosions leading to catastrophic blowouts
  • Falls onto decks or into the sea
  • Toxic chemical or fume leaks
  • Toppling equipment or snapped cables

Damages Available to Victims of Texas Mobile Steel Barge Injuries

A unique set of laws govern injuries suffered at sea. These laws aid injured maritime workers and may allow you to obtain compensation if your employers did not provide a safe work environment, or when your injuries were caused by a negligent third party. Laws governing maritime accidents may include:

  • Death on the High Seas Act — When an employee dies in an accident more than 3 nautical miles from United States shores, surviving family members may file a claim under the Death on the High Seas Act. Family members may receive compensation for quantifiable monetary losses known as pecuniary damages.
  • Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act — The Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act allows injured workers to make a claim for compensation of medical costs, physical pain, physical limitations, and loss of earning capacity for injuries sustained on the Outer Continental Shelf, such as in an oil spill or oil rig explosion.
  • The Jones Act — The Jones Act allows an employee who qualifies as a seaman to sue his or her employer after an accident at sea. Federal and Texas state laws allow an injured seaman to recover compensation for medical costs, physical pain, mental anguish, physical limitations, disfigurement, and loss of earning capacity.
  • Maintenance and Cure — Maintenance and cure is a legal doctrine that provides assistance to seamen covered under the Jones Act who are hurt on the job. Maintenance covers routine living expenses, including food, housing costs, and essential utilities. Cure covers payments for medical costs associated with an injury.
  • Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act — The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA) allows employees injured on navigable waters or while working dockside in maritime-related activities to receive compensation. The LHWCA also allows certain injured workers or surviving family members to sue a third party for negligence in causing an injury or death.

How Our Houston Maritime Injury Attorneys Can Help You

Injuries that happen at sea are covered under a different set of laws than accidents that take place on land. At The Krist Law Firm, P.C., our Houston maritime injury attorneys have experience successfully pursuing claims involving a broad range of injury types and virtually every type of personal injury case in the state of Texas.

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