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How a Dash Cam Can Help Your Insurance Claim

Auto insurance companies are not necessarily quick to accept new technology that can have a beneficial impact on their customers. Insurers want to have proof that the proposed device will reduce collisions for the people they insure or enhance their company’s goals in some way. For instance, vehicle security systems and collision avoidance systems would fall into this category. However, there is a new device gaining in popularity among motorists called the dash cam – and it is finding increasing usefulness among motorists as a tool for recording important evidence for vehicle accident insurance claims.

These dash cams are small video cameras you can purchase in the electronics/technology section of any store. They are conveniently priced, and are designed to be mounted to the dashboard or windshield of your vehicle. From that position, these small cameras are able to record what occurs in front of your vehicle. Other models are equipped to record with rear-facing and interior video, as well as interior audio.

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Produce Invaluable Footage

Although auto insurance companies in the United States do not yet provide a discount for the installation of a dash cam in a vehicle, there are several benefits of having one of these devices installed. These benefits can help ensure that your insurance premium does not rise unnecessarily due to a lack of evidence you may have available to show your insurance provider regarding an accident.

Prevent Your Rates From Rising

If you speak to five different people about an accident they just witnessed, you may hear five different versions of the same event. However, if you have video proof of an accident in which you were involved that demonstrates you are not at fault, you can help prevent your insurance rates from rising by having your car insurance company review the footage of the accident recorded on your dash cam.

Expedite Your Claim

Video evidence can be very powerful and convincing when you’re trying to support a car insurance claim. If your insurance company is willing to use the video evidence provided by your dash cam, the company can potentially save time and energy sorting through various eyewitness accounts and photos of the accident.

Your dash cam footage can also minimize the need for you and the insurance company to have lengthy discussions about what occurred and who was at fault. Dash cam footage is an exact representation of the event and more reliable than eyewitness accounts. Such recorded footage can help an insurance company determine liability in an expedited manner.

Successfully Fight Insurance Fraud

Unfortunately, insurance fraud is a crime that does occur. Individuals purposely engage in deceitful actions that are disguised as legitimate accidents. However, if you have dash cam video evidence of the event, you can turn that evidence over to the insurance companies. The more often such fraudulent incidents are captured and reported, the fewer false claims will be present in the insurance system that drive up the cost of insurance rates for consumers.

Legal and Potentially Illegal Recordings

Although there are no federal laws that prohibit dash cam recordings in the United States, it’s important to check with your local state laws regarding dashboard camera rules and regulations.

Generally speaking, recording video on public roadways and parking lots does not constitute breaking of any privacy laws. However, if your dash cam it is able to record audio inside your vehicle, or if it has another video lens that records inside of your car, you should inform those inside your vehicle that you are recording – otherwise you may be engaging in a form of wiretapping or illegal recording. Some states also prohibit you from making audio recordings of individuals without their prior knowledge and consent.

You could also disable the auto recording function on your device, or purchase a dash cam model that does not have auto recording or interior video recording capabilities.

Dash Cams are the Most Accurate Eyewitness

The use of dash cams is still relatively new, and the data is somewhat limited as to how soon insurance companies and law enforcement agencies will move forward to actively seek dash cam footage from consumers in the future. However, insurers already utilize photo evidence to a great extent in determining liability in different car accident situations.

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