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The Common Causes of a Container Ship Fire

Fires at sea or while at port are incredibly dangerous. They usually happen with no warning and can spread quickly. While there have been many large ship fires over the years, container ship fires at Port Houston pose extremely high risks of injury or death.

Container ships have tight quarters and narrow passages. The cargo can be flammable or hazardous. Sadly, workers are injured on cargo ships every year, and many do not understand their options to get what they deserve.

It’s important to contact an experienced maritime accident lawyer if you or a loved one have been harmed in a container ship fire. Your injuries can include severe burns, respiratory problems, and you may have extensive medical needs. A lawyer will understand how to identify the casue of the fire and guide you in getting the necessary compensation.

Contact The Krist Law Firm, P.C. to speak with a Houston maritime accident lawyer with a history of getting results after a fire breaks out on a ship. Call us today at (281) 283-8500 or online to schedule a free, no-risk consultation.

How A Container Ship Fire Starts

People regularly fail to take necessary precautions to prevent sudden and deadly fires on container ships. While horrible fires often occur on land, a ship fire can be especially devastating. It can also be nealry impossible to adequately fight a blaze when you’re at sea or even in port.

Some of the most common causes of ship fires include:

  • Engine malfunction – An engine that overheats or fails will often start a fire. This can quickly get out of control when the fire is exposed to oil or fuel.
  • Poor electrical wiring – Ships have significant amounts of wiring in tight and hard to reach places. Wiring that is damaged or improperly installed frequently causes a fire.
  • Kitchen Equipment – Careless or improper use of kitchen equipment can easily result in a fire. Cargo ship kitchens can be old, and the equipment can be damaged.
  • Combustible cargo – Cargo that can explode must be properly stored while at sea. However, this can be impossible if such cargo is improperly labeled.

Why The Cause is Important to Your Case

Finding out the exact cause of the firme will be critical to identifying who is responsible and recovering damages.

Investigating cargo ship accidents can be very complex, and many attorneys do not have any experience in this field. Your legal counsel must know what evidence to gather if you are to recover the financial help you need after an injury at sea.

The attorneys at The Krist Law Firm, P.C. realize that every container ship fire is different, and there can be many unique factors that contributed to your injury.

Steps To Make Container Ships Safer

You can be severely injured in a cargo ship fire that could have been avoided. And everyone aboard should take steps to prevent needless injuries.

This includes maintaining the ship to keep it safe from fires, and providing warnings and information to help employees avoid unforeseen dangers.

Some ways to prevent a fire on a cargo vessel include:

  • Making sure cargo is properly identified – Ship operators should accurately identify any cargo that can be flammable. This will allow for it to be safely stored in a manner that can prevent an explosion.
  • Keeping up to date safety equipment – Fire extinguishers and other safety equipment must be regularly inspected, and old devices must be replaced. Furthermore, ship operators must be aware that some fire-fighting equipment and practices must be removed since they are no longer considered safe.
  • Properly train staff – All employees and passengers on a cargo ship must be warned of the specific fire risks aboard the vessel. Reasonable training must be given so that staff knows what to do in the event of a fire.

Getting Compensation After A Container Ship Fire

People often get seriously injured or killed in cargo ship accidents. Injury victims must have a lawyer who understands how compensation can be recovered for those injured while working on a cargo ship.

The Jones Act applies to most container ship accidents where workers are harmed. This provides a process for injured parties to seek recovery for their losses. The Jones Act is different than normal workers’ compensation laws, and recovering damages requires that your lawyer prove that you are working as a sailor.

This means demonstrating that you have spent at least 30 percent of your employment in service of a vessel. Furthermore, the ship where you were injured must be found to be navigable in bodies of water such as on the ocean, in a lake, or along rivers.

Possible damages after a container ship fire may include:

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Physical pain and mental suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Lost future earning capacity
  • Disfigurement
  • Equipment necessary due to your injury
  • Physical therapy needs

How The Krist Law Firm Can Help

Container ships continuously travel to and from the Texas gulf coast, and thousands of Houston residents work on these vessels. While you may conduct your work safely and properly, it’s possible to be seriously injured if your ship suddenly has an out of control fire.

Even a modest fire can cause devastating harm to victims. Do not delay in calling an experienced Houston maritime accident lawyer if you or a loved one are in this situation. These laws are complicated and large companies will have a vested interest in reducing what you recover. Most lawyers are not familiar with the complex process involved in seeking damages after a work-related injury at sea.

However, The Krist Law Firm, P.C. has decades of experience and long hostory os getting injured sailirs and other maritil=me workes the compensation they need. We know the common casues of ship fires, where to find evidence of negligence, and what it takes to secure what you are legally entitled to.

Get a Free Consultation Today

Contact The Krist Law Firm, P.C. to speak with a Houston maritime injury lawyer if you have been harmed or lost a loved one in a container ship fire. We understand how traumatic these accidents can be, and how critical a proper recovery is during such a difficult time.

Call The Krist Law Firm today at (281) 283-8500 or contact us online. We offer free, no-risk consultations, and we are only paid when you recover compensation.