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Texas Car Insurance Requirements

State law requires that motorists have car insurance before they use public roads in Texas. While there are many different types of coverage that you can buy, Texas car insurance requirements are meant to provide a minimum amount of financial help for the innocent victims of an automobile accident.

Car insurance is intended to help the injured person in a car accident, and it can also help ease the costs of the person who is found to be liable. Traffic accidents can be devastating for those involved, and the car accident claims process is often complex. A Houston car accident lawyer will understand how to negotiate with insurance companies after your accident as you seek the compensation you need.

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Automobile Coverage Laws And Options In Texas

All drivers must be insured adequately to have funds available for road accident claims. State law requires a minimum of $30,000 coverage for each injured person, and $60,000 total for all injuries. Furthermore, you must have at least $25,000 in coverage for property damage that you cause in an auto crash. These minimum requirements may not cover everything in a car accident, and there is still the possibility that the negligent party could be sued for damages that exceed the money that the insurance provider is willing to pay out.

Owning more than the state required minimum in insurance coverage can be very helpful. As the victim of a car collision, you might benefit from owning an insurance policy that protects you from negligent parties who are not adequately insured. The different types of insurance coverage that you can buy for an auto accident include:

  • Liability Coverage – Texas law requires this, and it pays for the costs of medical help and property damage to the victims of an accident that you caused.
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage This will help cover your damages if you are the victim of a car injury claim and the other party does not have insurance to pay the compensation that you need.
  • Collision Coverage – This will pay either the cost of repairing your car or the price of the vehicle, whichever is lower.
  • Comprehensive Coverage – Further coverage can be purchased to help you if other accidents beyond a car wreck occur. This can include vandalism, theft, or weather incidents.

Proof Of Insurance Requirements

You will have to prove your insurance coverage other than just after a car accident. Texas requires that drivers are prepared to show proof of insurance whenever they’re on the road. Many motorists keep their insurance card in the glove box of their car to have it when needed. However, state law also does allow for you show officers your proof of insurance on your mobile phone. Sometimes called proof of financial responsibility, a driver must be prepared to show proof of insurance in situations, such as:

  • In a car collision or any other road accident that requires police help
  • When you register your car and renew your registration
  • When you first get your driver’s license or have to take a driving exam for a license renewal
  • When your vehicle is inspected
  • When you are stopped on the road by police for any other reason

Car Insurance For Children And High-Risk Drivers

Insurance providers will check your driving history before selling or renewing your policy. If you have caused a driving accident or filed numerous claims, they might raise your rates. Your driving and criminal history can result in an insurer labeling you as a high-risk driver, and this will result in more expensive coverage even for the required basic insurance. You can be labeled a high-risk driver after the following:

  • Numerous driving accidents
  • A DUI conviction
  • Being caught driving without a license or with a suspended license
  • Moving violation tickets
  • Criminally negligent driving

While minors who have their driver’s licenses are not automatically considered to be high-risk, their policies can be more expensive. You should contact your insurance company immediately if a new driver will be using one of your cars. Adding your child to your policy will generally be less expensive than purchasing a separate policy.

Steps To Take After A Car Accident

There is so much that you may have to worry about after a road traffic accident. The first thing that you must do is call 911 to seek emergency medical attention and police help. Secondly, call your car crash lawyer as soon as it is convenient. Learn more about how a car accident lawyer can help.

Dealing with every insurance company while trying to get all the financial compensation that you deserve can be very difficult, and an experienced auto collision lawyer knows what to do. Your lawyer will know how to gather the required police and medical records to prove who was negligent after a bad car crash.

To make the legal process work as efficiently as possible and increase your chance of car crash compensation, you can also do the following in your car accident case:

  • Make sure that you get as much information from the other drivers involved, especially their contact and insurance info.
  • Make notes about every detail that you remember regarding the accident. This includes who was there and everything that may have helped cause the wreck.
  • Keep up with your doctor’s orders regarding your accident.
  • Inform your doctor of the extent of your injuries, and ask how these injuries may affect your work and life in the future.
  • Gather comprehensive photos of your car injuries and the scene of your accident, and provide these to your lawyer.

Our Houston Accident Attorneys Can Help You

Texas car insurance requirements are meant to help those who are in serious driving accidents while on public roads. A policy can help pay for a victim’s injury and property damage, and it can help pay its holder if the negligent party is uninsured. Recovering car crash compensation is often complicated and time-consuming, but you need help immediately with bills and lost wages. A skilled car accident lawyer understands insurance requirements, how to negotiate with insurance companies, and how to win your case at trial, if necessary. Do not delay in calling your lawyer after an accident.

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